Before Qat'muk: Jumbo Glacier Resort & the Grizzly Bear Spirit

The Facts About Jumbo Glacier Resort and the Qat'muk Declaration


March 19, 2013

Pictures and Locations

Photos from the Qat’Muk website do not show the valley of the Jumbo Glacier Resort project site. Photos as depicted on the Qat’muk website are shown below with an indication of where pictures were taken and what they really show.

November 30, 2012

Qat’muk Declaration Not Credible

The Jumbo Glacier Resort project team extends open arms to all First Nations and values the long-standing support of the Shuswap Indian Band, the closest First Nation to the project site. The team continues to seek common ground with all First Nations, including the Ktunaxa, and it has a strong desire to maintain amity and to – Read More –

November 30, 2012

Summary of Facts

1. The Ktunaxa Kinbasket Tribal Council (KKTC) representatives were invited and were involved since the beginning of the process in 1991. At that time the Shuswap Indian Band, the closest to the project and supporters of the project, was a member of the KKTC. 2. Initial information from the KKTC did not indicate any particular – Read More –